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Swivel Coupler

Swivel Coupler

$249.99 Regular Price
$199.99Sale Price

The swivel coupler allows safe operation of a motorcycle when towing a trailer. A hitch with a standard ball coupler only allows for 30 degrees tilt. Leaning a motorcycle is the most important feature while taking turns. The swivel safe coupler allows riders to take the most extreme turns without jackknifing or binding on the ball.


The most common accident while towing with a motorcycle is overturning the trailer. The swivel safe coupler minimizes the possibility of flipping a trailer by removing the binding forces on the ball hitch that lifts trailers upward around turns.  


    • Fits all 2" square tongues
    • Fits standard 1-7/8" coupling
    • 3/4-inch chrome plated steel shaft
    • Lightweight aircraft quality aluminum
    • High tensile strength steel rod
    • Black, hard coat anodized finish
    • Roulon fiber bushing
    • Stainless steel thrust bearing

    All returns are accepted for a 20% restocking fee.  Questions? Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


    Free Shipping offered for continental US.  

    International shipping available by UPS pricing to vary.  

  • Installation Instructions

    The swivel safe is shipped from the factory ready to accept the Fulton, Shelby or Dutton coupling.

    1. Remove the existing coupling from the trailer tongue and set aside hardware in safe location.

    2. Locate the bevel inside the Swivel Coupler on the lower right corner of the tongue. Route wiring from the trailer through the swivel coupler and insert wires under the bevel.

    3. Insert the Swivel Coupler into the tongue and align it with the existing mounting holes. 

    4. Some filing may be required of the tongue holes to allow bolt installation. DO NOT file the Swivel Safe insert.

    5. Reinstall the hardware and fully tighten.

    6. Face the bevel side up and set coupling onto the front frame of the Swivel Safe with the hardware supplied. 

    7. Be sure to attach the safety chains from the motorcycle directly to the trailer tongue, NOT to the Swivel safe or coupling.

    8. Check to make sure all connections are secure and the swivel safe is able to rotate.  

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